Tough Times

In our darkest moments there is always a glimpse of light and a lesson to be learned. So many times we fight hard to to avoid facing the tough times head on; however, growth only happens in discomfort. If you think back to any major elevation or growth in your life, I can almost guarantee that an uncomfortable situation was the catalyst for your expansion. I know this is true for me. I can’t say I’m particularly fond of hard times but I know there is ALWAYS a lesson and an opportunity for me to expand into a better version of myself. 


Initially, I simply feel the emotion that’s present in that moment. For me, it helps to just feel and identify what emotion is present then I ask myself, why? For instance if I’m feeling angry I acknowledge that I am angry then I ask myself why I am angry. Usually I find that anger is a surface level emotion and right underneath I may be hurt or disappointed. Once I tune in to what I’m feeling I ask myself what lesson or growth opportunity is being presented. This quickly allows me to reframe the situation. From there I’m able to implement steps to reach my new growth potential. 

Are you present?

No Excuses, No Limits