No Excuses, No Limits


Today my workout was a struggle. I told myself, I am just getting over a sinus infection and I went to bed late and so on and so on. Even though these reasons were true they were not productive. I interrupted the mind chatter that was not serving me and reminded myself that 10 years ago I decided that if I lived, I would live with no excuses. I then expressed appreciation and gratitude for having the ability to workout this morning. I decided I would push through in honor of my mom and aunt, who are both battling Multiple Sclerosis and would happily trade places with me. As I continued to push through, I recommitted to living my life and reaching my goals with no excuses and no limits. Today was a metaphor for my life!!! We have times in life that are just plain hard but the reward of accomplishing our goals is definitely worth the discomfort. I urge you to recommit to your goals in life and make no excuses and set no limitations on achieving them. You are definitely worth it. 

The Power of Forgiveness