Get Moving


To take action is to be actively moving towards something. In the beginning these are often small steps that will help you make progress towards your goals. When you have been stuck or in limited movement, its usually easier to organize your goals into small easier attainable goals then make steps to get to the mini-goal. For example, you set a goal to earn a bachelor’s degree. Usually this takes about 4 years to complete this goal. But this may seem overwhelming to even think about, so you start with setting a goal to complete 4 classes. Then create action steps that would include completing the application, registering for at least 1 class. Then attend class and do the assignments, etc. While you are making progress towards your ultimate big goal, its easier to digest by looking at the steps to get to the mini-goal.

When you first begin to take action, it may seem impossible but know that you are resilient and anything you put your mind to is possible. The success of each step will fuel and energize you building momentum which will keep you motivated to reach your goals. These successes boost your confidence and the larger goals become more attainable and less overwhelming.

It’s also a good idea to have visual reminders or representations around you. You can use a planner, an app on your cell phone, or a piece of paper with your goals written down. Another proven successful tool is a vision board. Your vision board should contain images of the things you desire and should focus on how you want to feel. The more it focuses on how you want to feel, the more it will come to life. It’s a total representation of your goals and how you want your life to look. Many people find that getting support from a coach gives them the boost and support needed to get going. It allows you the benefit of having someone that is totally there to support you and help keep you accountable and focused on your goals. I’ve had clients that were working on goals for years alone but found that they were able to achieve their goals in a short amount of time during our work together.


Look On The Bright Side