Frequently Asked Questions


How does a Coaching Conversation look?

Each coaching session is 60-minutes and is centered around your goals. Each session begins with reviewing your work from the previous session and each session ends with an additional assignment. Typical assignments include: journaling, reading, completing forms, collecting data on yourself and others, and documenting action steps. During this process you can expect to be supported, held accountable, loved, challenged, seen, heard, and stretched to become the best version of yourself.  Prepare for your life to change for the better!

We create individualized action plans that include tools and techniques to support clients in successful completion of their unique goals. All sessions are conducted via phone or Skype which provides flexible scheduling options.

Results from  Coaching

As a result of our coaching experience, you will be empowered and recognize that you are resilient. You will confidently take charge of your life and surpass your goals. You will set clear boundaries, have clarity and purpose, as well as develop healthy relationships. Many clients have found that their coaching experience opened a new world of possibilities that they were not aware of. Having a coach beside you increases your chances of achieving your goals.